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Cognitive Billboard is powered by picture recognzion technology, which enables to sell actual reach instead of location screen time. Advertising buyer gets statistics of how long different age- and gender groups has seen seen the advertising.

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How it works

Real-time image processing technology detects passerby's age group and sex and shows best ad for the demographics. Advertisement buyer receive demographical statiscts of how much which demograhpical groups has seen the ad and pays correspondingly.

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Advertisement buyer chooses which age and sex should see the ad. Placing an order takes less than a minute.

Value based billing

Advertisement buyer pays based how much the desired audience has seen the ad. You pay only for actually is valuable to you. You set the price that you're willing to pay for the contact. Orders with higher unit price is served first.

Impact analysis

Advertisement buyer sees how long what age and gender groups has seen his/her advertisement. Meaning you'll understand how the advertising has actually impacted your marketing campaign.

Optimizing reach

Our platform knows when and where your desired audience is. Your ad is shown exactly where your desired audience is.

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